Big Island Update

Most of you know that through CMM, the ministry where I serve, I’ve been very involved in a church planting and renewal movement in a big island south of Florida. I can’t say much for security reasons, but I wanted to share a little in word, picture and a quote.

My last trip was amazingly good! I was super encouraged by how the national leaders are expanding the work (see stats below). Three more key towns and cities receive training this month – in spite of the challenges of transportation issues. How is gospel coaching impacting this island?

One key pastor told me, “I’m using gospel coaching in all kinds of conversations now. I’ve learned to listen better and I always have the gospel tools in mind whether it is an intentional appointment or an informal conversation.

I want to train all of our pastors and wives in gospel coaching. Their ministries are hard and they are isolated, so we need to develop networks of gospel coaching all across our city, province and the whole country!”

My last trip was amazingly hard. Would you pray for my friends/colleagues who endure daily difficulties? It breaks my heart to hear their struggles in health, personal economics and powerlessness. But they challenge me when I see them trusting the Lord in ways that I/we do not. These believers on the big island depend on Jesus in prayer. They live inter-dependently. They obey the Lord. They suffer well. Lift them up!

As CMM trained leaders in the US and other countries, the Lord is moving. How? Men and women were learning the heart of gospel coaching – confessing sin and their need for Jesus and being empowered by what Jesus is doing and has done for them! To varying degrees, the Spirit of God wrecks and rebuilds the hearts and minds of the trainees and trainers too!

Please pray for me to trust Jesus and not my own abilities! Pray for safe travel, for my wife while I’m gone and for powerful Holy Spirit transformation of the people I encounter. And me too!

Here are 8 of the 10 fully trained, equipped and certified staff-level trainers on the big island. This photo represents 5 years of profound love, language-learning in our 50s and joyful, life-changing labor together. This year, these trainers directly impact more than 20 cities and towns with the gospel of Jesus! And they have plans to transform people in every province! Dear friends! Thank you for your prayers and support of us and them!

Below are 30 of the 55+ currently certified trainers and gospel coaches! There are another 150+ in the training process!

In the US, gospel coaching is growing into so many other denominations, networks and churches! In this picture of a recent training in Atlanta, there are eight groups represented from Baptist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, and the PCA in Canada, SE Asia and Mexico. What an answer to prayer!

To the King!