Parties with a Purpose

Appreciate my friend Jeff Hooker, pastor of Grace Covenant Church in Athens AL, encouraging me to write for his blog. I met Jeff through the great people at the Alabama Church Planting Network. This re-post summarizes some of what I say in my little book Share What Jesus Gave You.



For 90% of people in churches, sharing the Good News directly is challenging. And asking a friend to attend church where the gospel is preached is a huge awkward request. Sadly, very few people do either

But the Gospel is amazing! So how might we find common ground where we can have fun and start the process of sharing Good News? There are many ways. Paul traveled to other cities and started businesses so he could share the Gospel and start churches. Are there other options? Sure! Here’s one we’ve put into action in a variety of contexts.

One weekend, Esther brought a co-worker to two parties hosted by different families in our church. One was a birthday party and the other was a cookout. I don’t know the details, but at some point, Esther and her friend started talking about her faith and about what we believe. My guess is it was a natural part of the conversation. So Esther asked me to help her explain. That night her friend prayed to receive Christ and was baptized the next Sunday.

“Parties with a purpose” is a practical and biblical way to invite friends that don’t appear to have a relationship with Christ into the life of a local church. Jesus famously went to parties with his disciples and people many considered to be unworthy. Jesus turned several party conversations into opportunities to discuss faith (Luke 5:27-32).

The parties don’t have to be big or complicated. Look for any reason(s) to get together and interact with people like Jesus did.

And then have fun, and intentionally talk about life and faith and see where God leads the conversations. God draws others to Himself through His people.

Enjoy the process and party well!

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