Easter Season at Language School

It’s been a different sort of week for us here in San José. As you probably know, Costa Rica is a predominately Catholic nation, so things are similar but different around Easter.

All schools and many businesses close all week. Buses scale back their schedules. It’s the middle of ‘summer’ here, so lots of people go to the beach or out of town and visit family. Plus there are big outdoor processionals on Good Friday reenacting Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. Here are a few photos of our week:

Processional in San Jose

Closing scene of the processional in downtown San José on Good Friday.

With a week off from class, we got to spend a lot of time with our neighbors and their children here in the Quad. It’s really great for our souls to be around children and families when we are so far from our own!

Took a coffee plantation tour at Doka Estates just outside the city. I now possess immense knowledge to go with my morning addiction. When I return to ATL, you will quickly grow tired of hearing about my pilgrimage 8-).  BTW, those burlap bags behind us contain the very best high quality bean Costa Rica has to offer. Each exports for $200 to a company that starts with S and ends with s.

We’ve been visiting regularly at Iglesia Bíblica Nazareth (Nazareth Bible Church) a 10-minute walk from our apartment. The pastor kindly invited us to spend a day with his family and the church staff outside the city. Really honored to be invited into the life of a local church. Hoping to learn more about the Church in Latin America as well as improve our Spanish as we participate.

Easter Season Continues

While different, Holy Week was a welcome break and good time to get to know this city and country a little better. It’s proved to me (again) that we have much to learn about crossing cultures, gospel ministry and serving Christ’s kingdom worldwide.

It was great to celebrate Jesus resurrection on Sunday! We miss our family and church but look forward to learning this vital skill for the expansion of gospel ministry in Cuba and Latin America. Thank you for your prayers and support!


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