Goal Met 9 Days Early! What Next?

Thank God for sending in the needed funds for Elizabeth and I to go to language school. God was nine days early! Super grateful for all how gave and all who prayed! We leave in 10 weeks!

After the October 31 deadline, we were planning to start a campaign at CMMnet.org to cover costs for the actual trainings in 2016, but seems like we should start early!

CMM’s Cuba Initiative. Click here to donate electronically. Or contact CMM directly to send a check.

If you want to give directly to help cover food, transportation, materials, housing and household items church leaders can’t get unless we bring them in, here is your opportunity to donate directly to the needs of training Cuban house church leaders.

Estimates indicate it will take about $35,000 per year to train the coaches for this entire movement. $100 will transport, feed and house a key leader at each training.

Thanks so much for your prayers, gifts and support of this vital gospel driven ministry in Cuba!


Article about our work in Cuba in a national magazine

Two days ago the PCA denominational magazine byFaith posted a fantastic article about the ministry in Cuba with whom we partner.

CMM is not mentioned directly, but this will give you several pages of an accurate and compelling backstory to our work and current events.

All the pictures are of men, women and young people that I work with in Cuba. Makes my heart sing to see them! This is Frank, Ari and Meli!

Here is how the article starts….

“After more than 50 years of silence, the U.S. and Cuba have started talking again. In fact, this past July the two countries announced a formal restoration of diplomatic relations, and President Barack Obama said that the U.S. and Cuba had struck a deal to open embassies in each other’s capitals for the first time in half a century. The politics are controversial, and the changes elicit different responses across the political spectrum.

But there’s another “thaw” taking place throughout Cuba, one that breeds hope among all God’s people. God has sparked a fire in the hearts of Cuban men and women. As a result, there’s been a profound Gospel renewal and an explosive house-church movement.”

Read the rest here at byFaith and rejoice at all the Lord has done and pray for more of what He WILL DO!

And kudos to author Zoe Erler!!