Impacting Cuban Seminaries?

Seminaries in Cuba? Yes! While our work is church-based, one seminary in particular has been impacted by the coaching training and my co-trainers.

Two of my co-trainers for CMM gospel coaching have been recruited to the team that will help re-start and renew a seminary that had been practically shut down.

2015-07-28 15.19.47

Alfredo (pictured above teaching the Gospel Story) is the interim director of the Los Pinos Nuevos seminary in central Cuba. He is leading a team that is opening six satellite campuses in six key cities in 2015.

With over 20,000 house churches started in just the last five years, there is a huge need for training in Bible, theology and ministry. Coaching is a key means for personal change that effects spouses and children of men and women in leadership development. And then their church and city.

Because many of the seminary renewal team has experienced the power of gospel coaching for their lives, marriages, families and house churches, they have agreed that coaching simply will be required for all students and professors as an integral means to develop church-based ministry skills alongside academic learning.

2015-04-15 17.57.01

Yeremi (sounds like ‘Jeremy’) pictured above, will be directing one of those six satellite campuses in the city of Matanzas where 35+ house churches have been started in seven years. He teaches Greek and practical theology while overseeing nine house churches and leading one himself.

The leadership of this house church planting movement is very sharp, hard-working, motivated and sacrifices without question to expand the kingdom of God in Cuba.

Think of how the lives and families of these leaders will flourish in the power of the gospel! Imagine all the people these leaders will reach with the good news of Jesus!

Would you help us prepare more people like Alfredo and Yeremi to lead the way to the gospel spreading to all of Cuba? Click here to donate or help spread the word. Thanks so much!

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