Why so many house churches in Cuba?

Why so many house churches in Cuba? It was decided that no more church buildings would be permitted. But God’s work goes on unhindered!

2014-08-03 11.23.11

People are allowed to meet in their homes all they want. So 1000s of new churches sprout up in a home, grow, outgrow and multiply as hundreds of thousands are converted to Christ. Since 2011, one Bible-believing denomination as grown from 250 churches to more than 30,000 churches and house churches!

Elizabeth and I have been asked to commit to train key Cuban leaders for 3-5 years who will multiply other gospel driven leaders. But our Spanish skills are insufficient. So we’re planning to move to San Jose Costa Rica for 8 months for language school.

Would you invest in our training so we can invest in key Cuban leaders who will take the gospel to the whole island? And would you pray for us?

There’s a $10K matching pledge made and $1850 has been matched in one week. Please ask the Lord if He wants you to support us! Every bit helps. And if He says yes, click here to donate! Thanks!

If you want more of the backstory, check out my blog post on jimmoonjr.com

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