Mr. Church Planter: Front Seat on the Roller Coaster

Over the years, when people ask me what it’s like to be a church planter, I’ve said often,

“Like being in the front seat of a roller coaster! God’s doing amazing and terrifying things and I’ve got a front row seat!”

Not sure why, but this picture resonates. Mr. Church Planter, ever felt this way?

sad clown on a rollercoaster

Thankful for God’s patience when I was not enjoying the ride…. The ride is long and hard. There is a huge temptation toward cynicism. It’s easy to loose joy along the way. I’m still unpacking baggage, taking off the masks and learning to rest in the ups and downs.

If you want help learning to enjoy the ride God has you on, let me know. Maybe we could learn together.

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