Responses from Middle School Students

Speaking to 80+ middle school students.

When the headmaster of the school where Elizabeth works asked me to speak to the middle school students on their all-school retreat, honestly, I giggled. Where many folks get the willies around kids at that awkward stage of life, I love people at that age. I love being with them in a group, Bible’s opened and learning together. For 10 years, I was the Jr Hi Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell. It was a privliedge and honor to get to speak to them and their teachers!

Is it possible to feel a little guilty for how FUN it was? Ha!

It’s got to be glorifying to God for people that age to SEE HOW AWESOME JESUS IS!

So for my prayer team who was backing me up in prayer, here is the email from the middle school Bible teacher, Mr. Ward, to the rest of the staff of the school. Rejoice with me that young adults learned!

Responses from the students and staff

Hey guys,

Please take a minute to read the following written down by middle school students on note cards per Mr. Moon’s request following his messages. Students were to write down things they had learned. I hope it encourages you to why we teach with purpose and just how big of an impact we do make daily in the lives of our students!!


  1. I learned how terrible our sin is
  2. I have learned what bowing your knee really means
  3. I’ve learned that I can actually trust Jesus in anything
  4. Jesus is awesome and we should bow a knee
  5. I have learned how to get closer to God and how to be more holy
  6. I have learned to worship the Lord and to keep control
  7. How bad sin is and how much I’m loved
  8. I learned the path of ruin and the path of redemption
  9. I learned that I am eternal
  10. I learned that Jesus is awesome and he deserves for us to bow down
  11. I learned that God is awesome and I want to know more about this great human that goes by God
  12. I have learned that God is all good in everything and God is our savior
  13. That Jesus is the king we can all be forgiven for sin
  14. I learned that God did go through hard times
  15. We are suppose to acknowledged God in all we do and surrender to him
  16. God was the one that was first born
  17. God is preeminent, God is everything, God wrote the 10 commandments to remind us of our sin
  18. Jesus has no beginning, That we are reconciled through Him and to take a knee for God
  19. I learned what reconciled and preeminent means
  20. That bending the knee is submitting to God
  21. That Jesus gave his life for us, sin is even worse that what we think
  22. If we don’t except Jesus we will live in eternity in ruin
  23. Jesus was the first creation, we need to bend the knee
  24. We don’t deserve heaven but Christ died for us, Jesus is preeminent, we should bend a knee to him
  25. Everyone is eternal, Jesus is awesome, we need to bend the knee
  26. Sin is very bad, Jesus is our king
  27. Jesus is the image of God, Jesus deserves preeminence
  28. If Jesus had not come we would all be in hell, God loves all of us
  29. God has NO creation story, God’s love for us, reconciliation
  30. Even though I am a sinner God loves us also that Jesus is perfect
  31. How bad sin is, we need God, everyone makes mistakes
  32. I am a sinner, God forgives me
  33. I am a sinner, Jesus is life, God forgives us
  34. I have more understanding of God
  35. We should bow the knee, Jesus deserves preeminence
  36. We all deserve punishment, I learned I am worth something
  37. I learned that people need to trust God with all your heart, life can get tough, God is gracious
  38. That our teachers care about us
  39. That we should bow down to Jesus and God
  40. Sin is horrible, God is forgiving
  41. God loves me, he is awesome
  42.  I learned that the 10 commandment are not easy to follow
  43. I learned that Jesus is awesome, he can hold all things together, that he is a visible and invisible God, He is our created and our life, we have God’s glory, we have losses but have love
  44. I learned that the execution of Jesus has given me peace with God, that I would be stuck in ruin if I had not accepted Christ, and that it is by grace that I am saved
  45. God is life, he is powerful and God love me and can save us all
  46. Creation, fall, glory, he has reconciled
  47. I love Jesus a lot, Mr. Moon rocks
  48. Jesus is awesome, Mr. Moon is a good teacher
  49. Jesus reconciles for us, our lives are in ruin without Jesus
  50. Jesus rescued me
  51. To bend the knee, Jesus is the creator, trust God with everything
  52. I learned that God is eternal and before creation, God is super forgiving
  53. God is with me all the time, no one can take me away from God
  54. I have learned that God cares about me, he always is with me, to always trust him

Thanking God for your prayers and celebrating together!