Where are all the people?

Last night I went to a local park. I was shocked at how many people were there. Dozens of families and friends were walking the track hanging around the park. Twenty young guys were playing some competitive soccer on one field. Children were running around doing what kids do. I’d estimate there were over 120 people there hanging out.

And right in the middle of it was our church doing a Soccer Camp. Over half of the kids had come because they just happened to be there. They were having so much fun. 

How to do evangelism in this busy world. Many people, myself included, are concerned at the lower rate of conversions in our evangelical churches. I’m personally concerned at how hard it is to find time and a place where I can even meet people.

Why is it so hard to make new relationships? 

I don’t think it’s that we are too busy. I think we have our priorities out of order and our comfort settings too high. There are dozens of people out and about every night of the week. I’m not prioritizing going where the people are.

I may live in a bad neighborhood for evangelism. All the houses are nice and neat – typical middle class neighborhood. But all of us (myself included) are so busy being comfortable that we are lucky to look out our window and see two people outside in an hour on a summer evening.

Maybe God’s calling me an many of us Christians to leave our comforts behind and go live in the good neighborhoods for evangelism where houses are small and families spill over into the front yard and into the parks?