Sobering Need for Gospel Coaches


The Need for Gospel Coaching is Serious. Very.

I walked into my local coffee shop the other day. It’s where Spencer, a pastor buddy, has his “office”. Always good to see him there. Half the time he’s networking or talking to someone, the other half he’s studying. I greeted him and the first words out of his mouth were, ‘My pastor friend from seminary committed suicide yesterday.” Whoa. What? My skin crawled. Stunned. Spencer said, ‘He was a godly man.’

Sit with that for a second. What do you conclude?

It’s unbelievable. Here is a pastor who appeared jovial, godly and devoted to the Scriptures but he took his own life. Spencer and I talked and prayed a long time that day. About how sin is insidious. About the need for pastors to stay connected, to confess how they are really doing. To have someone with whom they can and will be honest about how they are really doing. About the serious need for gospel coaches.

The enemy of our souls will do anything to take out pastors and church planters. He hates us and what we do. He’ll do anything to corner us. And Pastor Tommy from Iowa got cornered alone.

It ought never be! Christianity is a reconciled relationship with God and with each other! We should all have someone in our corner with us!

It’s our conviction that every church planter, pastor, missionary and ministry leader should have a gospel coach in their corner. Someone pointing them to the power of the gospel of Jesus. But stats say that 70% have nobody to confide in. We need a revival of our need for Christ in every pastor, planter, missionary and church leader! And we need a legion of gospel coaches!

How can you partner with CMM in changing the way planters and pastors lead? The way we confess our sins and feel our need for Jesus? How we depend on the Holy Spirit and one another? Here are two ideas:

Pray. For your pastor, for church planters you know. Pray for yourself as a church leader. Pray for humility, for conviction of sin that leads to repentance, dependence on the truth of what Jesus did for us in the gospel and the direction of the Holy Spirit

Consider becoming a gospel coach or supporting others to become gospel coaches. The mission of CMM is to train up a legion of gospel coaches to come alongside church leaders who will change the world.

Some days I feel like I’ve won the lottery I’m so overjoyed to see God raising up workers for His harvest. And other days I grieve for those who hurt around us.

May God move in and through us all for His glory.


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